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About the Site


RCC Assets is intended to be a gathering place for tools and resources regarding personal finance. My hope is that anyone interested in personal finance and investing would find some very helpful tools on this site. This project is in its infancy. However, I will continue to add any valuable content and tools I find to allow for a more beneficial experience to visitors.


About Me

I was able to gather some valuable information and skills while I was involved in the financial services field. I was a registered financial advisor, however, I did not maintain any clients. After several years of working with financial advisors and representatives from a brokerage firm back-office perspective, I realized much of what they do, can be done by almost anyone with a minimal amount of free time – not surprisingly, at a much lower cost. Many advisors work through full-service brokerage firms, which come with much higher fees (not including the cost of having an advisor). Through doing the bulk of the research themselves, people can take advantage of discount brokerage firms, which allow for much cheaper investing.

My educational background is largely research based. I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice and a master’s degree in Criminal Justice. Both of these fields, especially at the graduate level, are heavily based in social science research. I also have about five years of experience working with web development and more advanced Excel work. I plan on utilizing all of the skills I have gained through these experiences to make this website the most valuable and rewarding experience for visitors that I can. I am by no means an expert, but I’m confident I can assemble some helpful tools for the average investor.


Thanks and enjoy,



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Excel Downloads


Below are some examples of Excel spreadsheets I currently have for sale or free. My goal was to come up with some intuitive and valuable spreadsheets for very affordable prices. I’m always looking for new ideas for spreadsheet templates, so please feel free to send me a message via the contact form if you think of any.


All downloads are done directly through this site, so there is no need to set up any type of account to access these spreadsheets.
Any payments are accepted securely through PayPal.



Money and Debt

Basic Personal Finances

Debt Summary

Full Personal Finances



Basic Options

Systematic Investment Plan


Money and Debt

Debt Amortization Schedule

Gas Spending and Mileage Calculator

General Spending Breakdown

Grocery Spending Tracker



Group Investing Tracker

Margin Interest Rate Comparison


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This section is intended to be a collection of various links to resources regarding aspects of personal finance and investing. I will continue to add more relevant links as I find them. Please note, I am not personally endorsing any of the information found at the websites linked on this page. I just simply wanted to find some relevant links to personal finance information, so all visitors can have a good starting point for their own research. The links in this section are broken up into two categories – ‘Investing’ and ‘Money and Debt’. You can either scroll through the links to find something interesting, or click on the appropriate link above to be taken to that portion of this section.






Online Brokerage Firms

Capital One Investing

Charles Schwab




Interactive Broker

Lightspeed Trading

Merrill Edge

Options House




TD Ameritrade

Trade King

Trading Block



Wells Fargo Investing

For comprehensive comparisons of these and other online brokerage firms, check out these pages from The Street and Barron’s.


Online Education

Investopedia University

Khan Academy – Finance

Morningstar – Investment Education

Online Trading Academy

Stanford Online


Online Research and Analysis


Google Finance



The Wall Street Journal

Yahoo Finance

For a pretty comprehensive explanation of due diligence, check out this article from NASDAQ.





Investing With Options

Option Alpha

Option Strategist

Options for Rookies

Options Pit

Options University

Steady Options

The Lazy Trader



Chicago Board Options Exchange

The Options Industry Council


Popular Blogs and News Websites

Bloomberg Business

Calculated Risk

CNN Money


ETF Digest


Investment Contrarians


Marc to Market

Market Montage


Max Keiser – Financial War Reports

MSN Money


Seeking Alpha

The College Investor

The Motley Fool

The Reformed Broker

The Street

The Wall Street Journal

US Today – Money

Yahoo Finance



Understanding the Market

25 stock market definitions




Money and Debt


Online Education



FDIC: Money Smart

Financial Avenue

Inceptia – Financial Education

Khan Academy – Finance

Money U


Popular Blogs and News Websites

Afford Anything

Broke Millennial

CNN Money


Daily Finance

Everything Finance

Freakonomics Blog

Get Rich Slowly

Making Sense of Cents

Money Under 30


The Scratch

The Simple Dollar

Wise Bread

Yahoo Finance

Young Finances


Various Articles

50 Personal Finance Tips that will Change the Way you Think About Money

Debt reduction for the willfully stupid

Top personal finance blogs


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