Basic Personal Finances

Basic Personal Finances Spreadsheet


The purpose of this spreadsheet is to basically just compare your regular, monthly income to the various monthly bills and payments you make. The main goal is to help shed light on your spending habits, and show how much free cash you should have each month. The first sheet is intended to calculate your regular monthly income (Note: this is only for regular monthly income. If you have income that is more variable, this may not be the right tool for you.) The second sheet is where you input all of your regular bills. For the purposes of this tool, these numbers should always be the minimum payment due. Regardless of whether you can make larger payments than the minimum (e.g., car loan, credit card payment), you should always use the minimum payment in this section. The third sheet is used for entering all of the other payments you make during a given period of time. You can add payments for any length of time you would like, but just make sure to identify the number of months used towards the top of the sheet. The sheet will calculate the average amount spent on various types of payments per month and display that information in a pie chart towards the top. The last sheet shows a summary of all of the information provided so far. The most important aspect of this sheet is to show you the average amount of free cash per month you should have based on the information you provided. Knowing how much extra money you should have at the end of each month, should be helpful in determining how much you can afford to apply to your existing debt or towards various investments.


Note: this spreadsheet is fully functional in any version of Excel since Excel 2007.


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