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Systematic Investment Plan

Systematic Investment Plan - This spreadsheet is intended to allow for more easily setting up a systematic investment plan. Systematic investment plans make use of an investment strategy referred to as dollar cost averaging, whereby an investor purchases a set dollar amount of a security on regular intervals. This strategy allows for more shares to be purchased when prices are low and fewer shares to be purchased when they are high, and can be a great strategy for long-term investors. Typically systematic investment plans are reserved for mutual fund investing, but can also be used, to some extent, with other investment types. This spreadsheet also includes a section where you can track individual investments.

Full Personal Finances

Full Personal Finance Spreadsheet - This spreadsheet includes both of the previous sheets (Basic Personal Finances and Debt Summary) and is intended for anyone who would like to both understand their current spending habits and find out how much extra money they can put towards their debt to help them save money in the long-term. This spreadsheet starts with all of the sections from the basic personal finances sheet. Through these sheets, you can lay out your regular monthly income, bills, and itemized payments across a given period of time to find out how much extra income you should have per month on average. The amount of free cash you have after filling out these sections flows through to the debt summary sheets, so you can see how much extra money you can be applying to different types of debt per month. The debt summary sheet will show you how each extra payment will save you money in the long-term on any form of debt.

Debt Summary

Debt Summary Spreadsheet - The main purpose of this spreadsheet is to provide you with some valuable information regarding your current debt. The first sheet is broken up into long-term and short-term debt. Totals for each are calculated for you, as well as, the number of months needed to pay off the debt, the total interest paid, and the total amount paid. There is also a section where you can add extra payments per month, so you can see how much you can save by paying more than the minimum payment for each. The second sheet is more for reference. This sheet contains the debt amortization schedule for each of the forms of debt filled out on the previous sheet. If you wanted to know how each of your payments is applied to the loan, this would be where you can access that information.

Basic Personal Finances

Basic Personal Finances Spreadsheet - The purpose of this spreadsheet is to basically just compare your regular, monthly income to the various bills and payments you make. The main goal is to help shed light on your spending habits, and show how much free cash you should have each month. The first sheet is intended to calculate your regular monthly income (Note: this is only for regular monthly income. If you have income that is more variable, this may not be the right tool for you.) The second sheet is where you input all of your regular bills. For the purposes of this tool, these numbers should always be the minimum payment due. Regardless of whether you can make larger payments than the minimum (e.g., car loan, credit card payment), you should always use the minimum payment in this section. The third sheet is used for entering all of the other payments you make during a given period of time. You can add payments for any length of time you would like, but just make sure to identify the number of months used towards the top of the sheet. The sheet will calculate the average amount spent on various types of payments per month and display that information in a pie chart towards the top. The last sheet shows a summary of all of the information provided so far. The most important aspect of this sheet is to show you the average amount of free cash per month you should have based on the information you provided. Knowing how much extra money you should have at the end of each month, should be helpful in determining how much you can afford to apply to your existing debt or towards various investments.

Basic Options

Basic Options Spreadsheet - The main purpose of this spreadsheet is to provide various information regarding specific options contracts based on current or projected market prices. Whether you're planning on doing any option trading in the future, or you just want to have a better understanding of how basic options contracts work, this sheet can be a very helpful tool. Regarding the calculations, all you really need to do is input the information in the section with the orange background. Any text surrounding this section should help with any questions you might have regarding the necessary information. Based on the option contract type code that's entered, the specific information for that contract will be display slightly below in yellow. For reference, all other types of contracts using the same information will be displayed further down the sheet.