Debt Summary

Debt Summary Spreadsheet


The main purpose of this spreadsheet is to provide you with some valuable information regarding your current debt. The first sheet is broken up into long-term and short-term debt. Totals for each are calculated for you, as well as, the number of months needed to pay off the debt, the total interest paid, and the total amount paid. There is also a section where you can add extra payments per month, so you can see how much you can save by paying more than the minimum payment for each. The second sheet is more for reference. This sheet contains the debt amortization schedule for each of the forms of debt filled out on the previous sheet. If you wanted to know how each of your payments is applied to the loan, this would be where you can access that information.

Notes: The formulas in this sheet are based on the way interest is typically applied to debt. Certain types of less common loans and forms of debt may function slightly differently (e.g., various fees applied, non-typical interest schedules). Also, this spreadsheet is fully functional in any version of Excel since Excel 2007.


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Debt Amortization Schedules
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