Full Personal Finances

Full Personal Finance Spreadsheet


This spreadsheet includes both of the previous sheets (Debt Summary and Basic Personal Finances) and is intended for anyone who would like to both understand their current spending habits and find out how much extra money they can put towards their debt to help them save money in the long-term. This spreadsheet starts with all of the sections from the Basic Personal Finances sheet. Through these sheets, you can lay out your regular monthly income, bills, and itemized payments across a given period of time to find out how much extra income you should have per month on average. The amount of free cash you have after filling out these sections flows through to the Debt Summary sheets, so you can see how much extra money you can be applying to different types of debt per month. The debt summary sheet will show you how each extra payment will save you money in the long-term on any form of debt.


Note: this spreadsheet is fully functional in any version of Excel since Excel 2007.


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Regular Income
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